Teacher:  Jillian Edwards

Meadowlane is excited to announce we will be offering a full-day kindergarten.  The class will have limited space so that we can focus on each child’s learning needs.  The children will start the year by reviewing letters and their sounds, using Lively Letters. Next, adding sight words, and then reading.  We will have daily journals that the children will practice 5-star writing.  We will do this by having the children start using sight words, finger spacing, use capitals, and punctuation, adding detail, and illustrating what they wrote about.  We will learn facts of 10 along with counting to 100.  We will be adding science and social study activities throughout the school year as well as many other learning opportunities.  It is essential that children have fun and learn at the same time.  Also, it is important to observe what learning styles work best for each child and build off those interests.   The children will be ready for first grade!


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