Five Day 4 Year Old Class


Lead teacher:  Jolee Wilke   Teacher assistant:  Mrs. B.

The THE FIVE-DAY CLASS is for preschoolers who are 4 years old by August 31. Parents of 5-year old summer birthdays may also choose this class. This program is developmentally appropriate for a four year old child and will foster skills that will help to prepare him/her for kindergarten.

We have a theme-based curriculum along with Handwriting Without Tears and Lively Letters.  We use many creative activities to support this curriculum.

The physical domain consists of fine and gross motor activities.  Fine motor activities may include use of scissors, crayons, glue, easel painting, play dough and finger painting.  Gross motor skills include dancing and playing outside.

The social/emotional domain is fostered by the teachers by helping the children move away from attachment to parent or other significant adult and show emotions towards others.  The teachers also help the children interact with others on a one on one basis.

Symbolic play is encouraged in the dramatic play, blocks and sensory centers.

Growth in cognition is encouraged by reading stories and recalling facts from these stories, science projects, cooking experiences and use of songs and games.  The teachers try and keep the classroom geared toward the interests of the children since children learn best from what they are interested in.

We use the Preschool First Assessment program that follows the guidelines for each age group.  It is accessible through the internet and can be viewed regularly by the parents to see the child’s progress.

  • Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m
  • 18 student maximum
  • Staffed by 1 teacher and 1 aide

Sample daily schedule:

8:30-8:55 Arrival Activities

9:20-10:20 Small Groups and Centers

10:20-10:35 Bible

10:35-10:50 Snack

11:15-11:40 Small Group

11:40-11:55 Sharing

11:55-12:00 Singing,Prayer, Dismissal

Chapel once a week.

Library once a week.  Children will have a book bag checked out to them weekly.  The bag contains some themed books along with a beanie baby and a Bible story.